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Communal areas

The communal areas are maintained and cleaned once a week by our concierge service. They must be kept empty, unless you wish to have a reasonably sized doormat. No shoe racks, umbrella stands, baby stroller, bikes… will be allowed.

Trash, garbage, etc...

The container room is only for trash labelled on the containers. It is located on the underground level -1, side A.

You are responsible for your own trash and to sort it properly for recycling.

You are invited to sort cleanly and proprely your waste and to use only the official white bags for the trash that is not recyclable. Each container can only be filled with the trash that it is dedicated for.

The bulky items have to be taken directly to one of the waste collection centers and under no circumstances placed in the containers room or in front of the building.

Useful links

Av. de France 98, trash pickup calendar [FR]

Map of the waste collection centers in the Lausanne area and opening hours [FR]

Free access card to the waste collection centers locations [FR]


The underground parking is accessible via a car lift, this elevator is only for the building's residents' cars who own a booked parking spot.

All the parking spots are assigned, if you do not have one with your apartment, you are not allowed to park inside, however you can ask the city of Lausanne for a "blue zone macaron" in order to park for free in the blue zones around the building.

It is forbidden to rent the underground parking sport to people who do not live inside the building for security reasons.

It is forbidden to use your parking spot to stock goods or furniture... Beside your car, only wheels or tires are authorized.

Both underground parkings are entirely cleaned once or twice a year. During those cleaning days, you will be asked to completely empty (cars, bikes, wheels, scooters...) your parking spot a few days in advance in order to let the cleaning team work efficiently.

Basement cellars

Cellars are located in the underground levels -1 and -2, mainly on the B side. Please keep them as they are and leave the corridors free.

Bike room

Bikes must be parked in the bike room, near the car lift in the underground parking level -2. Bike owners are requested to be careful when passing in between the cars parked on both sides of the bike room door.

Most of the parking spots are also equipped with at least one bike hanger.

Baby stroller room

Strollers must be left in the stroller room, located in the underground level -2, side A, and not behind your apartment door in the communal area. This room can be locked with your apartment key.

The stroller room is not a stocking area (please use your cellar instead) and a free passage to the cellars must be kept.

Laundry room

When you use the laundry room, please plan your time so as not to leave your laundry in the machine after it has stopped and free the drying area immediately when your laundry is dry for the next user.

The cleaning of the machines filters and the laundry room falls to the room users after each use.

Please respect the laundry of your neighbors if they have started before you. Thefts and depredations will not be tolerated.

Please be respectful of the other inhabitants in order to keep the laundry room clean and good neighbor relationships.

The laundry cards can be bought and relaoded at...


Alexandre Jermini

Alexandre Jermini

Concierge service

Mobile: 079 754 9839

Yvan Künzi

Yvan Künzi

Co-ownership administrator

Phone: 021 907 4005
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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