Our building is a private residence in co-ownership (PPE).

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The nearest bus stop is Dranse on the bus line 4, it goes through the city center (St-François, Bel-Air, Chauderon). Avenue de France 98 is situated about 2 minutes walk above the bus stop. Two other stops are quite close, Bergières on line 21 and Montétant on line 9.

The building has no visitors parking place, if you are coming by car, please use the blue zone parking available all along the street. Visitors cars are not allowed in the underground parking.


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Basic rules

We invite you to follow our basic rules in order to all serenely cohabit, in particular

  • No door-to-door visiting or selling
  • No smoking in front of the building nor in the common parts
  • No noise between 22h and 8h, neither on Sundays and holy days
  • No throwing of anything over the balcony or out of the windows, not even cigarette ashes
  • Keep the building way and all common parts clean, our concierge service cleans once a week

Thank you for your cooperation, have a beautiful day and a nice visit in our building.